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What is Parkitect?

Parkitect is a simulation game where you get to build a successful theme park! Design roller coasters, install shops and thrill rides, and top it all off with incredible scenery and dynamic landscapes. Management is key: you'll have to look after employees, resources, and park infrastructure. Fail at that and face the consequences! Unhappy cashiers might annoy guests, unhappy custodians will leave your park a mess, and unhappy ride maintenance teams will leave your guests a mess.

We're approaching this inspired by other games of the genre and our love for simulation games and theme parks. We're setting out to create a modern experience with new features and ideas that previous games lacked. We're creating a fun, colourful environment reminiscent of amazing theme parks around the world. With that in mind, we're focusing our visual aesthetics on the cartoony and colorful, while maintaining (mostly!) realistic ride designs.

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Play It

Parkitect is available on Windows, Mac and Linux!

Latest version: Version 1.2
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Currently, the game costs $29.99 and can be bought on Steam.

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